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"Cataldo Agostinelli"
Via Ovidio s.n.
Ceglie Messapica


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HEADMASTER: Prof. Francesco Caramia


The school and its aims
Historical notes

In Ceglie Messapica, in the school years before 2000/2001 there were only some branches of five high schools with their head-offices based in other towns, such as Francavilla Fontana, Ostuni and Brindisi.

Since 2001 these schools have enjoyed autonomy and an only school district has been set up.

Since 2002/2003 its headmaster has been Mr Francesco Caramia and the school has been named “Cataldo Agostinelli” for the famous mathematician born in Ceglie in 19th century.

For three years the “Cataldo Agostinelli” high school has enriched its educational offer with the hotel-management school.

Educational purposes

 The main purpose of the high school “Cataldo Agostinelli” is students’ cultural and professional education, according to the democratic principles of Italian Constitution.

The school tries to enrich its educational offer following three basic directions:

1)      cultural identity;

2)      the knowledge of foreign languages;

3)      the knowledge of modern multimedia technologies.

 The school promotes  the acquisition of:

-         cultural and professional basis

-         ability of expression

-         critical judgement

-         civic responsibility

It also supports:

-exchanges and cultural-didactic comparisons

- students’ democratic involvement in school life

- sports activicties

- “stages” in order to know the working world

- exchanges of expertise and learning experiences.

The complete history

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