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"Cataldo Agostinelli"
Via Sac. Mastro
Ceglie Mesapica
Tel. 0831 377069,


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HEADMASTER: Prof. Francesco Caramia

Senior high school
in classical studies

(D.M. 1° dicembre 1952)


Senior high school specializing
in science education

This kind of high school gives a well-rounded education since it blends the liberal area with the science and linguistic ones.
It provides the students with the necessary qualifications to continue their studies in any faculty.

The diploma also open the way to the working world.

In this kind of school there is a close link between science and humanistic subjects.
Math and sperimental science assume a basic role for the studentsí cultural development.
The main features of this course are:
- the development of science subjects and of their languages;
- the presence of liberal subjects to give a complete vision of human societies;
- the learning of a foreign language, usually English, for the whole five-year period;
- the re-introduction of a second foreign language;
- computer science as a support for the various subjects.



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